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Document Assembly and Contract Management Resources

Document Assembly and Contract Management Resources
Document Assembly and Contract Management Resources

December 01, 2011 Dahna Ori Contract Management   Document Generation  

We have expanded our resource library to provide additional tools and information on document assembly and contract management topics. The latest addition is a set of on-demand webinars. The library also contains whitepapers, case studies, demo videos, and several other free contract automation resources. It’s a place to learn best practices and keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

The webinars are conducted in partnership with industry experts, ranging from Forrester Research to InsideCounsel Magazine. When possible, we have also made the accompanying presentations available for download.

Currently we offer three complimentary webinars with a fourth coming soon:

1. Managing OTC Derivatives Documentation in a Central Clearing Environment

The panel of experts discusses the new documentation requirements of central clearing and explores how financial institutions are changing their documentation management to reduce bottlenecks and avoid increased legal costs and operational risk. View here.

2. Mitigate Risk in Your Sales Contracts

A preview of new data from an InsideCounsel survey on the “state of sales contracts,” discussing how to use benchmarks to compare business process to best practice, and providing strategies for law departments to help improve their sales contracts processes in order to reduce risk. View here.

3. The 4 Stages of Value from Contract Management

Speakers from Forrester Research and Exari discuss insights and lessons learned on how to best evaluate and implement a Contract Management (CM) system. Beginning with assessing your business problems, you will learn different strategies on how to phase in and measure success and ROI. View here.

The fourth webinar, Corporate Counsel Contracts Survey Report 2011, is coming soon. Based on the Corporate Counsel Contracts survey conducted at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Meeting, this webinar reveals early findings from the survey of 100+ General Counsel.

As a leader in the document automation and contract management industry – we are pleased to share relevant and insightful content with you. We encourage you to check our resource library frequently for new content and to make use of the document assembly and contract management resources. If you would like to be notified of new content, including upcoming webinars, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

If there are other types of content you’d like to see in the library, please tell us below in the comments.

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