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Document Assembly Gains Traction in the Global Insurance Market

Document Assembly Gains Traction in the Global Insurance Market

May 29, 2009 Jamie Wodetzki Document Generation  

A larger number of companies every year are automating their document processes. In fact, people are realizing that document automation can really make the difference when it comes to boosting efficiency and reducing cost and risk.

Insurance companies, which spend a lot of time and resources on writing and processing documents, don’t want to miss this opportunity and are willing to automate insurance forms, policies, slips contracts and other documents with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

With all of the different options the market offers, how should an insurance executive choose which solution is best tailored to their needs?

Teresa Beach, Head of Transformation at Catlin Group Ltd, says that when they decided to automate their underwriting documents, they were looking for a solution able to work to their aggressive timeline to develop multiple templates on behalf of their worldwide offices, and in multiple languages. Catlin, a leading global specialist insurer and reinsurer and the largest Lloyd’s Syndicate, recently chose Exari to achieve their reform agenda by automating a library of key documents such as quotes, policies and client letters.

Catlin is not the first insurance company to choose Exari to automate their documents. In fact, they join Exari’s roster of

This post was guest authored by Federica Ionta.


Jamie Wodetzki is Exari’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.