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Exari Raises Money For Hungry Kids

Exari Raises Money For Hungry Kids

April 02, 2015 Dahna Ori News and Events  

We spend our days pouring over numbers, making them make sense, making them grow or shrink based on what’s best for our business and the businesses of our clients. But one number has stuck in our heads and made it impossible to do nothing. Over 1.1 million kids in Florida go hungry.

1.1 million.

It’s shocking, it’s disturbing and it’s a number that some of us at Exari decided to change.

Exari’s Chairman, Ed Mullen, founded the Pan Florida Challenge For Hungry Kids last year. The idea is simple: 100 riders bike across the state of Florida, raising money and awareness. Last weekend, the riders of the second annual PFC completed their trek and raised over $120,000, every dollar of which goes to feeding hungry kids in South Florida and Haiti.

Team Beacon, a leading sponsor of the ride, raised the most money overall with many of our employees riding and fundraising and many more generously giving to the cause. But we are not pat ourselves on the back for a job well done - the job is far from over. Donations to support this year’s effort remain open until May 1st and we’d love if everyone who can would make a contribution. $5 dollars will feed one child. Nothing is insignificant.

Some numbers you can just can’t understand. Let’s do something about 1.1 million. Let’s start feeding Florida’s hungry children one by one.

Learn more about the Pan Florida Challenge and how you can help.


Dahna Ori is Exari’s Digital Marketing Specialist. Reach out on twitter @ExariDahna