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How to Cure the Numbering Headache in Word Documents

How to Cure the Numbering Headache in Word Documents

July 02, 2009 Dahna Ori Document Generation  

If you work with legal documents, you've probably had to contend with MS Word's outline numbering. In which case you may have also suffered the pain of your numbering spontaneously going haywire.

Sound familiar? Then read on.

There are 3 ways to avoid spontaneous outline numbering corruption.

1. The Typewriter approach Best for single-page documents being drafted by Baby Boomers. (Examples: none that I can think of.)

2. The Shauna Kelly approach Best for long bespoke documents. (Examples: books, journal articles, instruction manuals.)

3. The Automated approach Best for rule-driven, semi-standard contracts and other complex documents. (Examples: proposals; services agreements; renewal letters; employment packages.)

So, the next time you're about to start bashing away on the keyboard, make sure your outline numbering's up to the task.


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