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How to Win More Sales: Empower Your Sales Team

How to Win More Sales: Empower Your Sales Team
How to Win More Sales: Empower Your Sales Team

February 03, 2011 Dahna Ori Contract Management   Document Generation  

We've been talking a lot lately about ways that sales teams can win more deals. And, we've noticed that others across the blogosphere are too. Tim Cummins has two recent posts on Commitment Matters that speak to this very issue.

In Empowering Users for Better Decisions, Efficiency, Cummins says "Many contracts, commercial and legal groups struggle with the challenge of ‘user ineptitude’ They complain about the lack of understanding and ‘irresponsible’ behavior that is common within business units and Sales organizations."

This sometimes antagonistic relationship between sales and legal seems to come down to the sales team being in a rush to receive a contract they can execute to close their sale, and the legal department's obligation to carefully draft a contract that is most favorable for the organization. These are not mutually exclusive goals, and in fact, can be served by the same solution - sales contract automation.

If the legal team employs a document generation system to create a web-based questionnaire which, when completed by the sales person, outputs a compliant contract, both sides win. The sales team is empowered to take an active role in the process in a SAFE, CONTROLLED way and the legal department isn't dragged into the kind of document review pictured above.

And to add another layer of speed and efficiency to the process, there's esignature. Cummins also looks at this issue in Electronic Contracting: Have You Signed Up? where he interviews Jason Lemkin, CEO of Echosign {disclosure: Echosign integrates with Exari}. He asked Jason for his thoughts on the growing use of esignature – was it, for example, primarily seen as another way to cut costs?

The answer was interesting. Jason’s view is that the driver has more to do with web-based technologies maturing than with efficiencies and cost. “Executives are saying ‘We’re doing so much on the web, why can’t we do contract signatures?’” The failure to automate is seen increasingly as not just an irritant, but contrary to the image that businesses want to project.

Isn't it time to empower your sales team and speed up your contracts process? To learn how, try a demo of Exari's interactive document generation software here.

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Dahna Ori is Exari’s Digital Marketing Specialist. Reach out on twitter @ExariDahna