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Little Things Add Up

May 29, 2008 Jamie Wodetzki News and Events  

Today marks the release of Exari 5.2, which proves that little things can make a big difference. Rather than one or two headline-grabbing new features, 5.2 tweaks and enhances a wide range of existing features, all of which add up to a better user experience and better business outcomes.

RoundTripping, for example, has been enhanced to support analysis of negotiated contracts using semantic labels. Contracts created inside Exari can have meaningful semantic labels attached as clause metadata, for example, a label that tells the system “this is a termination clause”. When the contract comes back from negotiation, Exari’s RoundTripping module can now identify — using semantic labels — which clauses have changed. So if you want to alert Legal every time a non-standard termination clause shows up, now you now have the infrastructure to do so.

Other enhancements include support for the DOCX format used in Office 2007; inclusion of watermarks in assembled documents; fine tuning of table support to handle nested tables and variable cell padding; a bulk export tool to streamline migration of multiple templates, eg, from test to production servers; a quick search function in the Repository; improved highlighting of optional clauses for deferred (“not sure”) questions; and various usability improvements during the interview process .


Jamie Wodetzki is Exari’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.