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Migrating Your Emptoris Contract Management

Migrating Your Emptoris Contract Management
Migrating Your Emptoris Contract Management

March 25, 2019 Mary Curtin

Make Your Contract Management Migration Easy

With IBM Emptoris announcing the termination of their contract management system, users are in need of an immediate replacement for their previous solution, and Exari has stepped in to fill this evident void. While it’s not always easy to make the shift from what you already know, Exari alleviates these concerns with our inclusive and comparable alternative for seamless migration from Emptoris. Our core team has a combined 100 years of Emptoris knowledge which guarantees your team is functioning at full capacity, and even with the transition, your data will feel right at home with Exari’s solution.

Keep Contracts Streamlined

At Exari, we understand the importance of keeping your data safe and up to date, which is why we have worked tirelessly to discover processes to implement a solution that not only replaces Emptoris, but far surpasses the technology that was utilized by IBM Emptoris clients. If you’re concerned you’ll lose important pieces of contract data, you can rest assured knowing that our team of experts will perform data mapping from Emptoris into Exari’s data model. The migration will include seamlessly moving over all your contractual documents and any associated data and attachments in Emptoris to Exari. Exari will provide and execute the following:

  • Turn contract words into contract data: Exari’s Universal Contract Model (UCM ™) allows data from any contract type to be structured in the same way, allowing for it be comprehensively utilized across your entire portfolio. Any amendment made will roll-up to the master allowing you to report on prevailing terms.
  • Reduce risk and increase efficiency using Exari DocGen™ : Accelerate your contract drafting with a self-service interview wizard and a clause library for producing a significant output in a decreased amount of time, while always staying in compliance.
  • Keep everything in one centralized location: Exari integrates with your existing enterprise systems, like collateral management systems, Salesforce, SharePoint, and more. This means that your company is equipped with a streamlined process and can eliminate re-keying information in multiple systems.
  • Learn more about how Exari can help ease the transition to our platform by clicking here.

If your company needs an immediate replacement, Exari’s 100% Contract Certainty ensures you’re gaining visibility, exposing risk, and staying on top of your contract management. Contact us now to speak with one of our Emptoris experts to evaluate your migration process today.


Mary Curtin is Exari's Marketing Specialist.