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The Contract Certainty Blog

The Contract Certainty Blog

Exari to Exhibit at Upcoming Contract Management Conferences

We will be exhibiting Exari Document Assembly and Contract Management solutions at two upcoming industry conferences. If you'll be attending either, please stop by to say hello and see what's new. If you haven't yet registered and would like to attend, we can provide you with discount codes.

What is CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management)?

CLM or Contract Lifecycle Management refers to the entire process of creating, negotiating, managing and analyzing your contracts. The term applies whether or not your contracts process is automated. There is complete CLM software, like Exari, and there are standalone software systems that automate one or more steps.

Document Assembly Step One – Understanding Your Documents

The first step in choosing a document assembly system is to understand the various types of documents that you need to automate. Once you understand your documents, you can match the system to your needs. Essentially there are 3 categories of documents.

Taking Some Time Out to Help Others

Usually we use this blog to bring you the latest information about document assembly and contract management. But today we would like to share with you a recent experience shared by our team. We feel that it's important for us as a company to build a corporate culture of innovation and to give back to our community.

New Corporate Counsel Contracts Survey [On Demand Webinar]

We recently conducted our second Corporate Counsel Contracts Survey at the Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting. The survey was a follow-up to one we conducted in 2009, and explores a variety of issues affecting the contracts process, the level of adoption of document assembly software and the most common methods of contract management.