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The Contract Certainty Blog | Exari

Why CFOs Should Care About Sales Contracts

Are you actually booking all of the profits that your company is entitled to? Because revenue leakage due to inadequate management of sales contracts is regularly costing companies a slice of their hard earned revenue. Do you know the full impact that revenue leakage is having on your bottom line?

Derivatives Documentation in a New Market Environment

With the introduction of central clearing for OTC derivatives, financial institutions will have to manage new agreements, with different business rules, in addition to the existing documentation for bilateral trading relationships.

Exari's Paul Nelmes was recently interviewed by Julia Schieffer of DerivSource and he explained how documentation will change within a Central Counterparty Clearing (CCP) environment and why financial institutions must implement efficient documentation processing methods to avoid increased legal and operational costs caused by the new market requirements.

And the iPad Goes To…

Thanks to all of you (and there were more than 400 in-house attorneys) who completed our recent Sales Contract Survey which we conducted in conjunction with InsideCounsel Magazine.

General Counsel Metrics Survey

Rees Morrison, noted law department management advisor and blogger has launched the largest benchmark survey ever done for law departments. We encourage you to join the more than 300 law departments who have already completed the General Counsel Metrics survey. All participants will receive a complimentary report of the results in July.

How to Minimize Risk in Your Sales Contracts — Complimentary Webinar

We are sponsoring a virtual roundtable discussion featuring a panel of leading experts who will the discuss challenges that Corporate Legal Departments face in trying to reduce risk in their sales contracts. You are invited to attend the complimentary webinar on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 11:00 am (EDT).

Derivatives Documentation – Questions Answered

During our recent webinar, “Managing OTC Derivatives Documentation in a Central Clearing Environment,” we had several questions from the audience that we couldn’t cover in the time allotted. Paul Nelmes of Exari offers the following response to one of the questions posed from the audience during the Web-event.

Derivatives Documentation Resources and Glossary

Following our recent webinar, Managing OTC Derivatives Documentation in a Central Clearing Environment, Julia Schieffer posted a list of her favorite resources for derivatives professionals in search of explanations for some of the jargon used in the derivatives industry.

Contract Benchmark Data

Spring seems to be the season of surveys and we're being alerted to several. Since many of these contracts surveys have a direct correlation to contract creation (document assembly) and contract management, we'll be sharing interesting findings. Where appropriate, we'll also provide links to the surveys.

Managing OTC Derivatives Documentation - Complimentary Webinar

Compared to the typical environment for bilaterally traded OTC derivatives, central clearing adds complexity through the inclusion of multiple parties and the need to manage different sets of legal contracts. In this new market environment, if documentation management is not streamlined, financial institutions will face increased legal costs and operational risks.