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The Contract Certainty Blog | Exari

Oh The Pain - of Insurance Renewals

At the Risk & Insurance Management Society Conference (RIMS2010 Boston) last month, Exari conducted a survey of Risk Managers to assess the "State of the Renewals Process."

We surveyed Risk Managers from across the United States and Europe, representing a wide range of industries, to learn what they have to do each year when the time comes to renew their corporate insurance coverages.

Quantifying The Value of Document Assembly

In his recent post The fictional nature of money, Christoper Penn said,

"Think about how to create the perception of value. Think about how to inspire in someone else the desire to give you anything you want in exchange for that perceived value. What do people value about you, about your products or services? How can you provide more of that value perception? How can you boost the perception of the value that’s already there?"

The Green Lawyer

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few years, you'll be aware that corporates, governments and consumers alike are taking environmental concerns very seriously. So given that you're already recycling everything, walking to work and growing all of your own food, what can you do as a lawyer to help save the planet? The following tips should help:

Ye Olde Insurance Policy

All buyers of insurance require evidence of their purchase whether they are a Fortune 500 company or an individual looking for personal lines cover.

Large clients have the resources to develop bespoke wordings tailored to their requirements. These have often been developed with their broker over many years and will include coverages designed to protect the company’s unique global operations.

What is a contract?

What defines a contract? Does it need to be a piece of paper?

A contract used to be a piece of paper or parchment or some writing on some thing that outlined the commitments between two parties. The launch of the iPad the other day, however, led me to think about another kind of contract that may be in our future. [Full disclosure: The Exari Boston office is one block from the Apple Store and you couldn't miss the line outside.]

2 Articles on Using Document Assembly to Increase Value for Clients

It's almost that time of the year again (in Australia, anyway). 1 July is traditionally when law firms increase their rates. Of course, with legal budgets having been cut, clients no longer tolerate this particular 'tradition.' So, what can you do?

Gilbert + Tobin came up with a novel solution for Telstra by offering the telco a compelling all-you-can-eat deal. Now, not everyone can do a G+T, but the question remains... what steps can you take to increase value for your clients?