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The Contract Certainty Blog

What’s your greatest weakness in contract drafting?

Sinning, we know, is human. And we all know what Capital Vices are. But no one before has applied the 7 Deadly Sins to contract drafting, and explained how common errors in writing legal agreements can lead to “eternal contractual damnation”.

3 signs you should automate your contracts

If you manage a corporate legal department, there are three telltale signs that you might get significant value from automating the creation of your day-to-day business contracts.

Exari’s customer, staff and business philosophies

Company culture is heavily influenced by the views of its leaders, particularly the people who’ve been around since ‘Day 1′. Exari co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Justin Lipton, is one such person.

Drafting contracts to be understood

Everyone who deals with legal documents can point to unintelligible agreements. Many would argue that this is the aim of the drafter.That may sometimes be the case. But, more often, the drafter(s) in question simply know no better. Most lawyers are NEVER taught how (or why) to draft in Plain English.

Tim Cummins on what's holding back contract lifecycle automation

In 2002 Gartner predicted that, by 2007, there would be a $20 billion market for Contract Lifecycle Management software and services.

Tim Cummins - CEO of the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) - has written a post suggesting why market growth hasn't met those expectations.

How to Cure the Numbering Headache in Word Documents

If you work with legal documents, you've probably had to contend with MS Word's outline numbering. In which case you may have also suffered the pain of your numbering spontaneously going haywire. Sound familiar? Then read on.

Rio Tinto to Slash Legal Costs by 20%

In an effort to reduce it's annual legal bill by 20% (or around US$20M), Rio Tinto is outsourcing legal work to India. According to The Times, the work will include "tasks such as reviewing documents and drafting contracts."

The 10 Most Innovative Legal Departments

Is your department innovative? This is the question being asked by Inside Counsel, a magazine for in-house legal departments.

Why is innovation important?

The answer, in a nutshell, is that innovation is what enables organisations to remain competitive. It's transformational in nature, enabling step changes in productivity (as opposed to incremental improvements). It's what drives progress. And in corporations, innovation is just as important in the legal function as in sales, procurement or HR.