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The Contract Certainty Blog

The Contract Certainty Blog

How to Fix Turnaround Times

The previous post ended by asking how banks could better handle unanticipated spikes in lending applications. Or more generically, how can a service provider respond effectively to an increase in client requests?

Exari Document Assembly on Salesforce.com

As readers of this blog are aware, we’re always thinking about how document generation can improve business, contracts and their related processes. As users of Salesforce.com ourselves, it occurred to us how useful it would be to have sales contracts and other documents related to the sales process integrated into our CRM where we are already managing our sales-related activities.

Westpac: Execution Critical to Differentiation

"We're a bank you can bank on." That's Westpac's new tagline. According to their press release, it "communicates Westpac’s message of security, stability and thinking things through", and is part of a new "corporate strategy to put customers at the heart of every thing it does."

Sales 2.0 and Document Assembly

If you’re involved in sales, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “Sales 2.0” and are aware how related strategies and technologies are changing the ways companies sell their products and find and nurture their prospects.