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Is document automation the new crackberry?

According to a recent survey of in-house legal technology by Chrissy Burns, Director IT & Knowledge at law firm Blake Dawson, when corporate counsel use document automation, they rate it one of their most “indispensable” applications, second only to free online primary legal information. Yet fewer than 23% of legal teams surveyed actually use document automation. Which begs the question: if so many document automation users find it indispensable, why have so few taken the plunge?

The Warm Blanket

Michael Lopp has drafted a FriendDA. It's designed for use by anyone who wants to share a (potentially) valuable idea with a friend, but who thinks an NDA is too much.

Business Banking’s Killer App?

A 2008 Online Banking Review newsletter article, Taking Internet banking beyond 101, contrasted Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s underwhelming new consumer internet banking features (such as finally giving customers the ability to view some information from different account types in one place) with non-bank online personal finance tools like Mint that automatically download, categorise, and report on all of a user’s finances every day, making it simple to reconcile transactions, set budgets and track cashflow.

The #1 Way to Boost Productivity this Year

Last week Telstra, Australia's largest telecommunications company, released The Telstra Productivity Indicator which outlines key findings from a survey they commissioned of "300 leaders of business and government organisations and their perspectives on productivity."

Alternatives to the billable hour… revisited

The debate about whether the legal industry should move away from hourly billing has existed ever since the business model took hold in the 1960s.  Over the years the American Bar Association, the Association of Corporate Counsel and all manner of legal industry commentators have railed against the perverse incentives that this approach to billing creates.

The ultimate customer complaint letter?

We've all had our fair share of 'customer service nightmares'. But a recent complaint letter to Richard Branson takes customer feedback to a whole new level.