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Responsive Web Design. Who cares? We do.

We’ve listened. We’ve taken your feedback – and the changing landscape – into account.  This fall, we’ll release a new responsive interface in our 7.0 release of Exari DocGen™.

Many of you reading this will be on a smartphone or tablet, or have one within reach. In fact, nearly 20% of visitors to our (responsive design) website come to us on a mobile device.

What’s responsive web design and why should I care, you ask? More and more business users are accessing web sites and web applications via small-screen devices. According to a recent study, mobile devices account for over half of all internet usage, as opposed to 42% on a desktop or laptop computer.

A responsive web application means that the interface you interact with changes dynamically based on the device you are using in order to provide a better user experience. We have redesigned the Exari interview with a “mobile first” approach. The result? Dramatically improved interface and usability for users on smart touchscreen devices.

As a responsive design application, Exari DocGen 7.0 allows you to be more responsive to your clients. It means you can fill in data directly in client meetings or on the road and send through a completed contract before you get to the office.

Drafting, completing and managing contracts with ease, insight and certainty. That’s what we’re all about.

Peter Wilson is Exari’s UI/UX Developer. Peter has been developing websites for almost two decades; he has provided coding and web management services for some of Australia’s largest companies. Peter regularly speaks at meetups and conferences. You can reach Peter @pwcc,, in the comments below or on his personal website


Eat Your Dog Food

Wikipedia defines eating your own dog food or dogfooding as a way for a company to demonstrate confidence in its own products.


The idea is that if the company expects customers to buy its products, it should also be willing to use those products itself. Hence, dogfooding can act as a kind of testimonial advertising. The marketing folk tend to refer to the same concept as the slightly more urbane “drinking your own champagne.”


There are many advantages of dogfooding and getting all of your staff using your product suite similar to the way your clients do. Familiarity and confidence with your offerings is vital for any product company, and figuring out UI glitches early and often is an added bonus.


So does Exari eat our own dog food?


Of course we do. And it’s delicious.


Here are a few ways we chow down on our own products:


Sales – Our sales team generates NDAs, proposals and contracts via our document assembly tool, DocGen™. We even use an ROI template created by our system to help prospects see and understand the value our technology offers.


Delivery – We use our software to determine client needs. As our software suite can be installed in many different enterprise environments, we have automated an installation guide that walks the client through an interview specific to their needs. The client ends up with a guide that is highly customized and does not include any irrelevant options.


Finance – We plug all of our contracts including our statements of work into Exari’s contract lifecycle management system, Contracts™, where they are tracked and measured so we never miss key events, such as renewals. With all of our contracts in our own system, not only do we practice what we preach, we truly reap the rewards: we can easily locate any contract or clause to understand our responsibilities and obligations whenever we want. At Exari we don’t just eat our own dog food – we feast on it.


How do you eat your own dog food?


I’d love to hear from you at @liptonj or leave a note in the comments.


Justin Lipton is CFO and Co-Founder at Exari

Taking Some Time Out to Help Others

Exari-Foodbank-2Usually we use this blog to bring you the latest information about document assembly and contract management. But today we would like to share with you a recent experience shared by our team. We feel that it’s important for us as a company to build a corporate culture of innovation and to give back to our community.

As Exari continues to grow and add customers and employees around the world, we make a point of bringing members of our team to the Boston Headquarters at least once a year. Last week we held our Annual Sales Kickoff 2012. The entire sales team from offices in Europe, Australia and the US gathered in Boston.

In addition to all of the corporate events and innovation sessions – aimed at further enhancing Exari’s industry leading document and contract automation solutions – the entire team spent a half – day volunteering at the Boston food pantry. Run by the Red Cross, the pantry provides a 3-day emergency supply of food to approximately 4,500 low-income families every month, making it the largest emergency food pantry in the city of Boston.