Approve & Sign

At the end of the day, the contract approval process needs to be two things: timely and thorough. To streamline workflows, your contract management technology must eliminate unnecessary obstacles without compromising the integrity of your contracts.

Approve and sign your contractsYour company’s contract review process needs to be seamless, methodical and efficient—and that’s not easy to achieve without the right technology in your corner. Exari Contract Lifecycle Management distributes contracts based on risk, so that low-risk deals can be automatically approved, thereby saving invaluable time and reducing bottlenecks in closing deals.

After the deal is finalized, Exari’s approve and sign functionalities ensure that the contract is signed either on hard copy or by e-signature, stored in the central repository, and validated—with confirmation that the contract wasn’t modified after copies were distributed.

The Approve & Sign function also allows you to:

  • Enable users to generate ad hoc approvals to individuals or groups and maintain a clear audit trail
  • Allow authorized users to define rule-based automated approval tasks based on contract terms
  • Provide mechanisms for the distribution and processing of approval tasks for on-platform and off-platform users
  • Permit authorized users to initiate and capture hard copy or digitally signed contract documents
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