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So many deals, so little time

Lots of business means lots of contracts to create, review and approve. But the problem is that there are only so many hours in a day and your corporate legal time can’t possibly make every contract a top priority. So, deals pile up … and people wait. Or worse yet, they cut corners. Sound familiar? It’s not a pretty picture, but what else can you do?

I can delete that clause… right?

For dead simple deals, standard form contracts solve part of the problem. But here’s the catch: one size rarely fits all and in common deals, the same issues keep appearing time and time again. Although these types of contracts are incredibly time consuming to prepare, experienced lawyers can handle them with their eyes closed.

But for less experienced attorneys, cutting and pasting contractual clauses carries huge risks. The wrong clause, the wrong word or the wrong version can devastate compliance and instantly ramp up the company’s risk exposure. Without a controlled process, self-service legal document creation is a disaster waiting to happen, inevitably resulting in high levels of liability, risk and loss.

You need to reduce risk on routine deals.

Whether you realize it or not, your legal department needs to reduce risk on routine deals. Not convinced? Then consider this:

  • What if sales, purchasing and HR teams had a fast, low-risk way of creating tailored contracts and legal documents?
  • What if those teams could create compliant contracts, with all the right clauses, using a Web questionnaire that has been pre-approved by legal?
  • What if your legal team could cut in half the amount of time spent on routine documents and double the amount of time devoted to high value, strategic issues?
  • What if sales could close the deal today instead of next week?

You also need a faster way to handle complex contracts.

When it comes to complex, risky or high value deals, close legal review is essential. But what if your legal team could share smart precedents and a library of useful clauses—allowing you to create compliant first drafts of contracts for complex deals in minutes instead of hours or days?

Exari: Close More Deals, Improve Compliance

Exari equips your business and legal team with best-in-class Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology. With Exari, sales, procurement and other users gain access to tailored, self-service documents served up via the Web. And your company’s legal department gets the choice of automated or clause library drafting for a faster, more consistent way of drafting contracts and documents for complex deals.

You have a lot on your plate. Exari is here to help—providing a better approach that allows your company to save money, close deals faster, reduce risk and improve compliance.

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