Human Resources

We’re buried in paperwork.

We get it. Your Human Resource organization is constantly scrambling to dig out from an avalanche of forms, employment contracts and agreements. But that’s not even your biggest problem because in the back of your mind you know that serious risks and compliance issues lie buried deep in the growing pile of contracts and documents. It’s time to get a better handle on HR document management.

Manual documents are time consuming and risky.

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By nature, Human Resources is a document-intensive department. There’s no way around it. And with the C-suite asking your team to do more with less, mistakes and inefficiencies are luxuries you simply can’t afford.

Manual document creation and the tracking of conditional terms expose your organization to serious risks and potential compliance violations. Why? Because too many things can go wrong when team members are asked to cut and paste from existing documents or manually monitor HR contracts and documents.

We need a better way to manage HR documents …

… and the good news is that there is a better way to manage the contracts, documents, agreements and forms in your HR organization.

What if:

  • Your HR team could enjoy a standardized system that makes it easy to create, modify and safely upload documents using expertly managed and pre-approved document templates.
  • Human Resources could share data across multiple documents—for example, an employment package containing an offer letter, employment contract and equity agreement could be created at the same time.
  • You could sleep easy at night knowing that your company’s entire HR document portfolio is automated in a way that ensures compliance, accuracy and efficiency.

Exari: The Next Step in HR Document and Contract Management

Exari helps your HR team regain control over paperwork and generate hundreds of standard hire agreements using batch processing as well as individual, customized offer letters and employment packages. Preferred grammar and wordings are built directly into the template to guarantee consistency across job level and geography. And the system provides capacity for more employee self-service, so not all documents require experts—template changes can be done in real time with no incremental cost.

Most importantly, Exari delivers peace of mind. Paperwork is unavoidable. But with Exari in your corner, you’ll have the confidence and security of knowing that your HR organization’s documents and contracts are visible, accurate and compliant.

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