Mergers & Acquisitions

An M&A event can be an exciting time. Acquiring your closest competitor, merging with a complimentary partner, or adding to your portfolio of companies. But how much do you know about the health of their business?

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It also means you acquire an entire contract portfolio, along with all the value and risk it may contain. Due diligence requirements and business acumen require you to possess a thorough understanding of the health of the business you stand to merge with or acquire. Every contract must be examined and analyzed for the value and risk it contains. Your target may have signed contracts that expose you to unlimited liabilities, capped annual increases and generous termination for convenience clauses. You are also under the gun to complete the acquisition as quickly as possible. Chances are you “roll the dice” and assume that the risk you’re assuming can be managed.

But can it? 

In many cases, the reasons it made sense to acquire may be the things that come back to bite you. A fast-growing company acquires customers very quickly; but at what cost?

Enter the Exari Contracts Hub™

Hub - Report - Contracts with High Termination Risk

In any merger or acquisition, you need complete insight into the new contracts and you need it fast. With Exari Contracts Hub™ for Mergers and Acquisitions you can capture the most important contract data for immediate visibility, reporting and insight into liability, value and risk.

Using a simple interview-driven interface, you can capture all this information quickly and easily. Our Universal Contract Model ensures you capture the most critical information as rapidly as possible, without exposing your company to unnecessary risk.

Once captured, you can run a series of reports to inform the pre-merger team of any potential exposures and give you the ability to negotiate the right terms prior to closing rather than litigating after the fact.

The Hub’s built-in dashboard tracks important contracts, milestones, risks, triggers and tasks. With the Hub M&A pack, your due diligence process has never been so accurate, thorough and effortless.

“Organizations are discovering that improved contract management yields major financial returns. Gaining visibility is a critical step. Having all contracts in one central, searchable and secure repository provides control and insight into this essential area of business activity.”

-Tim Cummins, CEO if IACCM

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