Lots of procurement means lots of paperwork

The more you buy, the more paperwork you have to deal with. That’s just a fact of life for procurement professionals—whether you work for a government agency or a private enterprise. Maybe you’re sourcing consulting services. Or maybe it’s cleaning services. Or software. Or widgets.

But whatever you’re buying, you need the right RFI, RFP, RFQ, RFT, contract or agreement—and you need to make sure it contains the right clauses and schedules to manage your organization’s risk.

Cut. Paste. Check. Then check again.

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Although standard form Word documents are far from ideal, they can help experienced procurement professionals navigate the procurement tender documentation process. But for inexperienced procurement team members, there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes and disasters when cutting and pasting is the only option.

Miss a closing date, delete the wrong clause or forget to change a name and the entire process can go off the rails. So, for full compliance, you have to carefully check every document and then check it again—creating time and cost inefficiencies that can cripple your department.

Really? Compliant documents in minutes?

The procurement process doesn’t have to be complicated or inefficient. What if you could create compliant procurement tender documents in minutes (instead of hours), using a simple, Web-based questionnaire that consistently addresses all key risks and issues?

Better yet, what if you could improve compliance and cut costs at the same time?

Exari: Improved Efficiency, Better Compliance, Less Cost

At Exari, we understand the challenges your procurement team is facing. We specialize in giving procurement professionals a fast, automated way to create compliant documents in real time.

For lower value or routine transactions, management and staff can enjoy a pre-approved, self-service option for creating their own tenders and contracts. For higher value transactions, your procurement team can take hours off the amount of time it takes to prepare a quality first draft.

Even more, documents can be delivered in different formats for different users. Read-only PDF lowers the risk of last minute changes, while DOCX/ RTF lets you finish the drafting in your preferred word processor. Exari also lets you generate contracts in your preferred XML format, making it easy to share key dates, milestones and other data with contract management and other enterprise systems.

At the end of the day, Exari helps your procurement department reduce risk, lower costs, improve consistency and increase compliance—giving you more time to focus on negotiating the best possible deals.

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