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The Premier Sourcing and Procurement Solution

Anyone who has ever dealt with sourcing and procurement knows the unique challenges. You need to ensure a smooth and fair bid process; strictly adhere to business standards and regulations; negotiate with various vendors to secure the best deal; maintain every note, email, and bid document to ensure compliance; manage suppliers and develop Key Performance Indicators. It's challenging work.

Contiki ECM is purpose-built to support and improve the entire sourcing and procurement process, from negotiation to analysis to decision, allowing you to achieve better results with great control. And like all Exari products, Contiki ECM is designed for use across your entire enterprise to achieve better results.

Contiki ECM
  • Global contract visibility into your enterprise’s contracts and deal-related communications and decisions.
  • Strong contract collaboration process for involving all key stakeholders.
  • Strong project management tools and support for maintaining contract and variation overview.
  • Analyze and categorize new and existing contracts by utilization.
  • Secure documents, files, and communications with supported version controls.
  • Intuitive, action-oriented dashboard to help users prioritize key contracts.
An energy and infrastructure company is using Contiki ECM to reduce risk and increase productivity.

Consultant Portal: Seamless and secure collaboration with professional partners outside your company, ensuring that all collaboration is done inside Contiki ECM with full version control and visibility into all documents.

Contiki Reporting: Powerful and flexible reporting and data analysis tools allow you to transform data into consequential business information and visualize that information with robust graphical presentations.

eContracting: Online collaboration accessible by your counterparts during the entire contract lifecycle, allowing you to preserve interaction history with discussion threads, version control, and audit trails.

Contiki ECM Mass Update

Mass Update: Streamline organizational changes by instantly updating several users’ rights, departments, products, and service groups at once.

Spend Control: Gain a holistic view of spend, both inside and outside your contracts, allowing you to gain insight into your current and future commitments and analyze their distribution across categories of products, services, departments, projects, suppliers, and more.

Supplier Management: Get better control over your suppliers by performing template-based scoring for pre-qualifications, bid evaluations, contractor performances, HSE, and ethics assessments; collect information to establish overall supplier Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measurements; delegate parts of the score card to employees with relevant knowledge to ensure quality information.

Contiki ECM Strategic Auction

Strategic Reverse Auction: Allow qualified bidders to compete on price and other consistent criteria, leading to real world savings of 10-20%.

Strategic Sourcing: Run the entire eRFx/Sourcing and Contract process in one seamless system, reducing risk and improving the tracking of all activities.


Achilles Pre-Qualification: Run pre-qualification processes and use scorecard functionality to perform your own structured pre-qualification of potential suppliers within Contiki ECM, or use external pre-qualification services offered by Achilles Systems, if necessary.

Active Directory Synchronization: Streamline organizational changes by moving the creation and maintenance of employee record out of Contiki ECM; this frees up valuable time for administrators, lowers the risk of human mistakes, and increases data quality.

Archive Link: Reduce the work of archiving documents to a minimum by automatically sending chosen documents and metadata to your archive system and automatically tagging them with key contract information, including: supplier information, contract description, contract number, inbound, outbound, etc.

Contiki ERP

Certified SAP ERP: This SAP-approved integration streamlines the work process for SAP and Contiki ECM users by automatically synchronizing both companies and contracts. This reduces the complexity of maintaining data and the risk of duplicates by eliminating the need to enter/update information in two systems.

Supplier/Customer Synchronization with ERP: Synchronize data between ERP/CRM systems and Contiki ECM to ensure a single source of information and keep all enterprise contract partner information updated.