Contiki ECM

Established in 1989, CMA Contiki is Europe’s leading Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (ECM) software vendor. The Contiki ECM application is being used in more than 60 enterprises in more than 50 countries in a broad range of industries, including: Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Finance, Engineering, and the Service and Public sector. 

Product Overview

Contiki ECM covers the full contract lifecycle from cradle to grave – from when a need for a contract arises in the organization to the contract closeout. It supports all contract processes and contract types such as purchasing, sales, partnering, joint venture and more. Contiki ECM is a system of engagement where all stakeholders in the sourcing and contract management processes are involved at the right time, contributing to building and documenting the cases, part of the decision making and as users of the contracts.


  • Global contract visibility into your enterprise’s contracts and past communication and decisions
  • Strong contract collaboration process for involving all key stakeholders
  • Structured approval process for engaging management effectively
  • Management and support for all contract changes, such as Amendments, Optional Extensions, VO’s, VOR’s and disputes
  • Strong project management tools and support for maintaining contract and variation overview
  • Analyze and categorize new and existing contracts by utilization
  • Improve supplier management by conducting pre-qualifications, bid evaluations and supplier performance evaluations
  • Accessibly supplier and customer portal for self-registration, bid uploading and contract negotiations
  • Secure documents, files and communications with supported version controls
  • Intuitive action oriented dashboard to help users prioritize key contracts

Contiki ECM add-on Modules

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Strategic Reverse Auction
  • eContracting
  • Spend Control
  • Mass Update
  • Contiki Reporting
  • Supplier Management
  • Secure Login
  • Contiki Query Enterprise Edition

Contiki ECM Integrations

  • Achilles pre-qualification services
  • Active Directory (AD) synchronization
  • Archive link
  • Supplier synchronization with ERP
  • Certified SAP ERP integration


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