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Launch Document Engine via API

Use our Web Services or Java API to launch the document engine from other applications. Full or partial answers can be passed in, and tailored documents are returned in the requested format.

Launch Custom Workflows when Documents are Complete

The document engine can be configured to launch custom workflows on completion of any document/s, for example, auto-saving answers, writing documents/answers to a document store or database, emailing documents or notifications to particular users, etc.

The RoundTrip™ negotiation tool allows Legal departments to control which low risk contracts are pre-approved, and which high-risk contracts must go to senior managers for approval.

Exari RoundTrip®

Users can compare contracts created in Exari, then negotiated in Word, using the Exari RoundTrip® negotiation tool. So, you can now build automated workflows that automatically initiate the RoundTripping® negotiation function, thus making it easier to review and report on what’s changed during any negotiation process.

Web Services API

Exari Document Engine

Invoke Document Assembly Solution with Partial or Full Answers

Feed a partial or full set of answers through to the engine to start a document assembly session re-using data from another system.

Start Web Interview to Capture Missing Answers

If answers are missing, the engine can be configured to start a web interview with the end user.

Programmatically Request Missing Answers (Bypass Interview)

If answers are missing, the engine can be configured to return a list of required information as XML. This allows developers to bypass the Exari web interview front end, and use their own interface for gathering all required answers.

Trigger custom workflows mid-interview

Custom workflows can now be triggered during an interview, for example, to call an external currency converter, rating engine, credit card verification, etc, or to redirect a user, for example, if an answer indicates the current document is unsuitable.

External XML Fragments

New data type option allows XML document fragments to be inserted from an external source.

Return Documents Direct to End User as DOCX, RTF or PDF 

Exari Engine Document Conversion
A request can specify that the tailored document should be streamed directly to the end user, either as DOCX, RTF or PDF.

Easy Integration

Exari’s powerful API and workflow allow for easy integration with other systems such as SharePoint, CRMs (i.e., Google Docs, DocuSign eSignature, ERPs (i.e. SAP) database systems ( i.e. Oracle, SQL Server) or legacy systems.

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Write/Save Documents to DMS as DOCX, RTF, PDF or XML

Alternatively, a request can specify that the tailored document should be written or saved directly to a document management system, as DOCX, RTF, PDF or XML.

Write/Save XML Answer File to Repository or DMS

A request can specify that the answers given during an interview should be automatically saved to the Exari repository, your DMS or some other store, as an Exari XML Answer File.

Write/Save Documents or XML Answer Files to Other Systems

A request can specify that the tailored document/s and/or XML Answer File/s should be passed/written back to another system.

Trigger Notifications on Completion of Documents

Workflow notifications
A request can trigger notifications (eg, by email or SMS) on completion of a document assembly session, with documents or answers attached.

Trigger Custom Workflows on Completion of Document/s

A request can trigger any other custom workflows that you wish to follow on from the creation of a document.

Built-in workflows for completed documents

Various workflow functions are now available out-of-the-box, including auto-saving of answers, auto-saving of documents (during or at the end of the web interview), automated emailing of documents and answers, and automated profiling of a document to a DMS.

Java API

Invoke Document Assembly Solution via Java API

A native Java API can be used as an alternative to the Web Services API outlined above.

User Directories

Username and Password Re-use 

The server can be configured so that usernames and passwords from your existing user directory are re-used, for example using LDAP.

Custom Look & Feel

Change repository look & feel using CSS, logos, etc

Change CSS styles, logos, HTML headers and footers to give the repository your preferred look and feel.

Change interview look & feel using CSS, logos, etc

Change CSS styles, logos, HTML headers & footers to give the interview / questionnaire pages your preferred look and feel.

Document output generated with your styles, logos, etc

Style sheets ensure consistent styles and logos across all output documents, based on your firm’s standard look and feel.

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