Turn Opportunities into Contracts. On Demand.

Self-service contract wizard

If you’re a customer and you’re looking for a way to close deals faster, Exari has good news. By combining Exari’s best-of-breed contract wizard with your Salesforce CRM you can empower your sales team to create compliant contracts on demand. Eliminate the cost and delay of sending every deal through Legal. Eliminate the risk and frustration of cutting and pasting in Word. Your sales team simply answers questions during a guided interview and a legally-approved contract is assembled in real time. Check out our live document generation demo to see how it works. and Document Assembly Integration

Exari Contract Management Wizard

Create all of your sales contracts from within

Any Account, Opportunity or Contract data already captured in Salesforce can be seamlessly passed into Exari, so that proposals and contracts are automatically populated with the right details. If required contract details are missing, Exari will make sure those details are captured and validated, and will then attach the finished document – as Word or PDF, depending on your rules – to your Contract record together with any newly captured data.

Workflow rules reduce risk

Contract Management Workflow Rules

High risk contracts can trigger an approval workflow

Using key terms in the contract record as the trigger, workflow rules can be used to improve compliance and reduce risk. High value or high risk contracts can trigger a multi-step approval workflow via legal and senior management. Contract execution and activation can trigger a series of notifications and tasks so that everyone who needs to know has the latest contract info. And reminders and tasks can be sent out so that options to renew and other time-sensitive rights are not lost.

Visibility into key contract data

Exari CM Reporting Visibility

Analyze and manage all contract data gathered via the Exari interview

For many senior management teams, getting your hands on an accurate list of active contracts can be a challenge. And even if those contracts are kept in a central repository, the visibility into their terms is limited. Exari solves this problem by making it easy to capture much more granular data when each contract is created and by tracking that data in the contract record. Your executive team can now run a wide range of reports to gain much deeper insight into performance and risk across your contract portfolio. Need to see how many contracts have uncapped liability? Now you can. Need to see which contracts are subject to early termination? Now you can. And much more.

Centralized template control

Cutting and pasting in Word is fine when you’ve got lots of experience and you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t, it’s very risky. Junior sales reps can use the wrong template, or delete an important clause, and before you know it, risk is out of control. Exari helps you to regain control. The Sales team can only use the latest approved template. The Exari wizard provides flexibility, but restricts that flexibility to legally pre-approved clauses. And you can control who gets Word and who gets PDF.

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