SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Document Assembly & Contract Management

Exari and SharePoint

The powerful combination of Exari and SharePoint allows users to create, collaborate, approve, manage, search, and report on contracts and other legal documents.

Self-service contract wizard

SharePoint and Exari

Exari is launched directly from SharePoint

Launch an Exari interview directly from within SharePoint to give business users access to self-service contracts created by the legal department.

SharePoint Interview

The user creates their document with the Exari interview

Law firms can improve client service and efficiency by making interviews available to clients or junior staff. After an interview is launched, the document and answers are saved back into SharePoint.


When an interview is completed in Exari the user is redirected to the Exari SharePoint TaskManager and can see that their document is “Under Review.”

There are two broad types of users – Contributors and Reviewers – that are managed within SharePoint. Contributors can run interviews and download accepted documents.

SharePoint Task Manager

TaskManager shows document status and workflow options

Reviewers can run interviews and accept or reject documents in the TaskManager, making them available for Contributors to download.

SharePoint is highly configurable, making it easy to add and configure downstream workflows that match your business processes.

High value or high risk contracts could trigger multi-step approvals involving legal and senior management. Contract execution and activation could trigger a series of notifications and tasks so that everyone always has access to the latest contract information. Reminders and tasks can be created so that options to renew and other time critical functions can be managed effectively.

Visibility into key contract data

For many senior management teams, getting your hands on an accurate list of active contracts can be a challenge. And even if those contracts are kept in a central repository, the visibility into their terms is limited. Exari makes this possible by capturing much more granular data when each contract is created and by making that data searchable in SharePoint.

You and your executive team can run a wide range of reports to gain much deeper insight into performance and risk across your contract portfolio. Need to see how many contracts have uncapped liability? Now you can. Need to see which contracts are subject to early termination? Now you can. And much more.

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