Design Principles

Throughout our history, Exari’s software has been designed and built by lawyers, for lawyers, following a consistent set of principles.



First, we live in a connected world, in which no product is an island, and every customer is happier when their applications work well together.  Our software has strong APIs for connecting to upstream, midstream and downstream systems, including standards-based integration methods (web services, etc.), and strong standards support for data and document portability (XML, JSON, etc.).


connectivitySecond, we believe that in the ever-changing world of technology, flexibility is paramount.  Our software is designed around Java and XML so that customers can benefit from platform independence, and multi-channel output. We strive to give our customers maximum choice, in terms of technology stack, cloud strategy, data and document formats.


innovationThird, we innovate around process, technology and business benefit.  In 2000, we pioneered the use of XML as a document format for automated contract drafting when everyone else was building plug-ins for Word.  It was a challenging path to choose, but our customers have reaped the rewards in terms of a greatly improved web experience and the added power of working with structured documents.  This innovation has continued with our breakthrough RoundTripping features and ongoing R&D into semantic contract analytics.


scaleFinally, we are committed to software that is robust, reliable and that scales to meet the needs of large enterprises with very large user communities.

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