Contract Negotiation On-Demand: Introducing the Exari Negotiator Ribbon

We take pride in Exari’s reputation for being responsive to the ongoing feedback we get from our clients. One of the newest features of our Intelligent Contract Management software, the Negotiator Ribbon, is the direct result of this input and represents yet another step in our mission to help organizations streamline, manage and track the lifecycle of their contracts.

The Ribbon works in conjunction with Exari’s existing RoundTripping™ functionality, a feature of our Contract Management software designed to streamline contract negotiation by making it easy for users to compare contract versions and analyze the differences between them.

Catering specifically to the needs of the negotiator, the Ribbon allows users to access many of the functions of Exari Contract Management software straight from the comfort of Word. Essentially, it gives clients the ability to add a new “ribbon” containing specialized, flexible action buttons to their Word Menus. When the ribbon is turned on, negotiators can view, compare, track, edit, save and efficiently manage versions of contracts – whether or not they were created within our Contract Management software or on other people’s paper – without ever leaving Word.

The Ribbon saves changes to and versions of contracts in negotiation to the Contract Management repository, where those changes are tracked and stored. It also allows users to access clause and document libraries directly from Word, further easing the negotiator’s experience.

To learn more about the Negotiator Ribbon or any of the other Contract Management tools Exari has to offer, click here.

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