Derivatives Documentation Resources and Glossary

Following our recent webinar, Managing OTC Derivatives Documentation in a Central Clearing Environment, Julia Schieffer posted a list of her favorite resources for derivatives professionals in search of explanations for some of the jargon used in the derivatives industry. Her list included:

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission website: for its resources on the Dodd-Frank Act legislation, regulatory meetings and related reports; and Sapient Global Markets OTC Derivatives Terminology Glossary — this is a very useful resource for basic terms though not documentation specific.

The complete list can be found on the DerivSource Blog. To request a recording of the webinar, please click here.

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Freight Broker Customers says:

How will central clearing impact documentation between end clients and clearing members?

Adine Deford says:

The overall paper trail is messier compared to bilateral trades, where the ISDA Master Agreement and the trade confirmation are the only documents you need to worry about. With CCP trades, the original trade may be executed bilaterally, and then submitted for clearing. If accepted by the CCP it is replaced by two new agreements, one between the CCP and the buyer and one between.

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