DocGen 7.0 So much more than better documents

Today we announced DocGen 7.0, a major release in the history of this market-leading product. For those of you who are new to Exari, we were the first XML-based document assembly product on the market nearly 15 years ago. Today, our DocGen engine powers thousands of documents and contracts for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

What makes this release so great? It’s simple. It’s easy to use, and it is designed to be responsive, which means that no matter what device you use it on, be it phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the application automatically resizes itself so it is as usable on a phone as it is on a 27” monitor. That’s cool.

We’ve also dramatically improved its authoring capabilities and greatly increased the ease with which you can integrate DocGen with other enterprise applications. That’s important because more and more, contracts are becoming living, breathing things. If you have consistency in your contracts, you protect yourself from risks like uncapped liabilities, bad termination language and potentially costly exposures.

For some customers, the risks are real. One prospect told us that a Word template had been modified and the limitations of liability clause removed and that template was then used hundreds of times. The risk is real.

Come check out DocGen 7.0. It’s the next great thing in contract management.

Bill Hewitt is Exari’s CEO. Reach out in the comments or @billhewittCEO. 

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