eBook: Contract Management Maturity Assessment

Where is your company on the Contract Management Maturity Assessment Model?

Have you ever wondered how effectively your company manages its documents? At what stage in the contract lifecycle are your processes most inefficient?  And how different are your contract management practices from those of best in class companies?

Our new eBook, Exari Contract Management Maturity Assessment, will answer these and other questions you may have about contract management practices. It will help you to:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of your company’s contract management process
  • Mitigate risk-prone areas
  • Identify quick wins for shortening your contract cycle time

The Assessment Model provided in the eBook outlines the seven stages of contract lifecycle and three levels of contract management maturity: leaders, followers and laggards.

The differences are stark. For example, the document creation process may vary from copying and pasting from old deals manually to using a guided, web-based interview with predefined alternative language approved by Legal.

The first, laggard practice makes it difficult to enforce document quality, consistency, compliance and risk management. The latter process, used by leading companies, allows business people and junior legal staff to lower risk and to create compliant documents up to ten times faster.

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