Employment Contracts Made Easy

Some people are skeptics when it comes to online delivery of legal services. They don’t think a machine can do the same job as a well-trained lawyer. But this probably has more to do with the quality of many online legal solutions, than with the concept of online legal services per se. Why is a bad machine – which asks stupid, unhelpful or confusing questions – any worse than a bad lawyer – who asks stupid, unhelpful or confusing questions?

As the newly launched HR Advance service from Australian Business Lawyers and Australian Business Limited demonstrates, properly executed, online legal services can be very impressive.

In this case, anyone can create an employment contract in minutes, with the confidence that the final document will be fully compliant with Australia’s new WorkChoices legislation.

Disclosure: The HR Advance site is built on Exari technology, so I could be accused of lacking objectivity. Please judge for yourself.

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