Enterprise Document Automation

When choosing an enterprise document or contract automation solution, it’s important to consider the full spectrum of documents across the company; from complex contracts for legal, to employment agreements for HR, to finance documents for the CFO, to customer communications for marketing.

Ideally, you can find one product that meets all of your document automation needs and integrates easily with your existing infrastructure. Being able to use one solution that works for multiple business units not only improves your ROI, it lowers support costs and reduces the demands made on over-burdened IT departments.

IT also benefits from a document automation solution that is “platform independent.” The ideal solution will work, not only, within the current system and application environments, it won’t tie you to legacy systems that may no longer be the best choice or constrain future requirements. CRM, databases, ERP, and pricing engines are common systems that enterprises look to integrate with their document automation solution.

For end users, adoption is paramount. The easier a product is to use, the better, so look for a solution that requires no software downloads – users simply need a standard web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) to complete a wizard style interview and generate customized output documents from any Internet-enabled device.

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frank says:

i agree that the usability, which in turn comes down to adoptions is crucial. and the integration to other solutions or use across the business for a holistics approach are the other key challenges to consider.

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