Everything Old is New Again

Funny how trends come and go. Lately the legal technology pundits have been buzzing about online document assembly and the benefits of offering self-service documents and templates via the web. This, fully ten years after Richard Susskind talked about lawyers offering online documents in Transforming the Law – Essays on Technology, Justice and the Legal Marketplace and later referred to document assembly as one of the 10 disruptive technologies that would change the legal practice forever.

In early 2004 Exari began offering a free non-disclosure agreement online where anyone (no registration required) could create a one-way or two-way NDA. Fast forward to 2010 (Exari’s tenth year in business) and the free NDA is still on the web, still free and now powered by a newer, faster version of Exari’s enterprise document assembly software. In addition to the NDA (now also available in a “mutual” version) there is also a fully-customizable customer feedback letter and services agreement.

Over the past six years, the NDA has been run almost daily by thousands of people around the world. So while we’re glad the idea is catching on, we’re wondering what took so long!

What other documents would you like us to offer? Please tell us below in the comments. If we use your idea you’ll get credit.

Photo courtesy of Jamesotron.

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