Exari Launches Document Assembly User Group

This week marks the launch of our online document assembly user group. It takes the form of a Linkedin subgroup of the Exari Community called the Exari Power Authors User Group. As the name implies, it will bring together professionals who are authoring templates for their organizations.

The group is private and membership is by invitation only. To be eligible, you must be a template author at a current Exari client. If you, or someone you know, in your organization is an Exari Power Author and would like an invitation, please contact us or ask your account manager. You can also go to the group on Linkedin and request to join.

This online user group provides a forum where Power Authors can share knowledge, stay up to date with new features of Exari Document Assembly, take advantage of special offers such as members-only webinars and get an early look at upcoming software versions.

In addition to Power Authors, experienced members of the Exari team are also part of the group. They will participate in discussions, host webinars, and post tips and shortcuts to enable group members to get the most out of Power Author.

We appreciate the input we have received from our authors that have helped to shape this group. Keep the feedback coming so that we can continue to help you maximize the value of your document assembly initiative.

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