How Sales Teams Can Book Revenue Faster

So, you’ve finally gotten your prospect to say “YES!” and it’s time to nail down all of the Ts and Cs. What’s the next step? You ask your legal department to draft a sales contract. But what if they’re too busy to get to your request right away? What happens to your deal?

If this is an issue you face in your organization, it’s time to look into automating your sales contract process. The Aberdeen Group reported recently that companies who automate their sales contract process see a 15% better team attainment of sales quota.

Using interactive document generation software allows your legal department to provide you with a “self service” way to create a compliant sales contract, often in minutes. For example, the sales force at Dow Jones uses Exari document generation software to deliver customized, compliant contracts in less than 30 minutes, down from an average of 5 business days. By completing a web-based questionnaire, sales people can choose from a list of approved contract terms and clauses to create a compliant first draft.

Getting the sales contract finished faster allows you to close your deal and book your revenue faster. And since the questionnaire is created by the legal department, risk is minimized and approvals are expedited.

To learn more about sales contract automation view this on-demand webcast: How Sales Teams can Reduce the Time and Expense of Closing Deals by 50% now.

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