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The Foundation of Contract Certainty

Regardless of your industry, contracts form the foundation of your business. And every contract goes through the same lifecycle, beginning from the moment it is requested, through creation and execution, and post-execution, when you monitor compliance and ensure your contracts are optimized for maximum benefit to your company.

Managing contract lifecycles is often challenging for companies thanks to inefficient processes and inadequate technology. The result is often lost revenues, not to mention an increase in risk to the organization. To solve this problem, Exari has created a comprehensive, end-to-end platform to solve your contracting woes, while ensuring that your contracts are working for you.

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The UCM: The Secret to Effective Contracting

Getting the most benefit from your contracts begins with knowing exactly what they contain, and how it’s being used. From informational data such as names and addresses to more mission critical data like dates, terms, obligations and prices, your contracts contain the most vital details that keep your business running. Although it’s possible to manually analyze this data to uncover risks and opportunities and develop a strategic direction for your company, that process is tedious at best, and incomplete at worst.

Exari takes the guesswork out of contract analysis by structuring your data using the Universal Contract Model (UCM). This taxonomy of more than 1,000 potential data points quickly and consistently structures the data from all of your contracts, allowing you to maximize and operationalize a single document or a complete portfolio.

Bringing Document Generation and Execution Together

Exari’s contract management platform begins with Exari DocGen. Contract generation is typically a headache, as the time required for the legal department to create and approve contracts creates bottlenecks that reduce efficiency and revenue.

Exari DocGen is a dynamic self-service contracting solution that can eliminate many of the headaches associated with contract creation. With smart templates, clause libraries, and browser-based interviews, your teams can easily create low-risk contracts quickly, with the assurance that they comply with all company and industry policies. This effectively eliminates the legal bottlenecks and speeds the sales process, while freeing up your legal team to work on more important priorities.

However, contract management doesn’t stop once the documents are created. That’s where the Exari Contracts Hub comes in. Rather than storing all of your contracts on shared drives – or worse, individual computers or filing cabinets, Hub stores these important documents in a central, secure repository. Not only does this make your documents easier to locate, Hub also centralizes your valuable contract data, allowing for portfolio-wide reporting to ensure compliance and manage any ongoing risk. For instance, with Hub you can create automated task alerts that integrate with your existing calendar systems, reminding them of key contract dates or milestones, ending the days of missed deadlines and costly renegotiations.

And, to get the absolute most out of Hub, you can pair it with Exari Vision. Powered by artificial intelligence, this proprietary data extraction engine allows you to bulk import documents into Hub and automatically extract key data, giving you access to insights and improved contracting almost immediately.

The powerful technology of DocGen, Hub and Vision are brought together in Exari ContractsTM, a complete contracting platform that offers end-to-end contract management. No more piecemeal solutions or drawn-out analysis and auditing. Just a comprehensive yet streamlined solution that gives you the most complete set of contracting tools available.

The Exari Contracts Process

The contracting process with Exari Contracts can be divided into three distinct stages: Pre-Execution, Collaboration, Control and Workflow, and finally Post-Execution.

In the Pre-Execution phase, your team can either request or create contracts based on the specific needs and purposes, using Exari DocGen’s intuitive self-service contracting interview to save time and reduce risk.

During the next phase, your teams can negotiate contract terms, approve the language and execute the final version of the contracts. During this phase, Exari Contracts can flag potentially problematic clauses to reduce risk, maintain audit trails for complete version control, and allow agile contract review via intuitive workflows.

Finally, in the Post-Execution phase, your vital contract data is extracted with Vision, structured via the UCM, and intelligently organized within a centralized repository. This provides immediate access to prevailing terms and fingertip access to over 25 standard reports and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, ensuring that your company complies with all obligations during the life of the contract – and that all ongoing amendments and other risks are managed as needed.

What’s more, Exari Contracts also proves a set of tools to more easily manage contracting at scale across entire enterprises:

  • Entity Manager allows for enterprise-wide storage and management of all entities, allowing entity information to be easily accessed by users across departments and geographies and used to pre-populate DocGen interviews.
  • Mass Actions functions save time and reduce risk by allowing you to apply actions to contracts in bulk. For example, rather than manually amending contracts one-by-one, Mass Actions allows you to select all the applicable contracts and make the amendment to all of them at once.
  • Compliance Manager is an intuitive and highly configurable workflow engine to set-up custom alerts and reminders for individual contracts, specific groups of contracts, or entire portfolios.

Contracts are a key part of your company’s success, and are full of data that can be used to determine the right strategic direction – and alert you to potential risks in the future. Exari allows you to put that data to work to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and effectively manage risk.