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Exari Intelligent Contract Management Version 6.3 Streamlines the Contract Negotiation Process, Enhances Data Analysis

Updated software includes improved features for negotiation, automated post-negotiation information capture and ready-to-use reports to enhance accuracy and visibility.

January 13, 2015

Boston, MA – January 13, 2015 - Exari, a global contract management and document assembly company, announces today the launch of Version 6.3 of its Intelligent Contract Management Software.

The new release combines sophisticated contract redlining and editing features with previous innovations in document assembly. The result is a suite of contract management capabilities that significantly improve performance for Exari’s customers.

“This is a significant upgrade that builds on our commitment of offering legal and sales professionals the most advanced solutions for the contract management lifecycle, from negotiation to contract analytics and reporting,” said Jamie Wodetzki, Founder of Exari.

Negotiation breakthroughs minimize sales bottlenecks

In order to help the negotiation and contract signing process move even more quickly, version 6.3 introduces the Negotiator Ribbon for Word, which supports single-click redlining of incoming and outgoing contract drafts during active negotiations and facilitates simple document comparisons. Version 6.3 also helps companies close deals more quickly by minimizing risk for both parties by using dynamic clause selection, embedded logic and cross-references within clauses for new contract drafts. Once a mutually approved draft is finalized, DocuSign eSignature Integration supports electronic signatures for dramatically simplified contract execution.

Automated post-negotiation data capture and clean up improves accuracy

For contracts produced on a client’s own paper, any changes made to documents during the negotiation process are now automatically identified and captured to ensure high-quality, reliable contract data. Enhanced data and security functionality results in improved data accuracy and integrity to help organizations make informed business decisions based on real data.

Ready-to-use data models and reporting

The new release also reflects enhancements to the Content Data Model that gives clients the ability to capture core contractual, legal and risk data quickly and easily. This data provides input for a risk scoring algorithm and the ability to generate a wide variety of ready-to-use reports, including information on incoming expiry, and operational and termination risk analysis. The new data model also allows for sorting of contracts into several categories, including type, geography, and liability.

Additional updates to the Exari 6.3 Version of Intelligent Contract Management Software include:

  • Configurable Contract Actions based on Template, Status and Role (Action Configuration), providing greater control and contextual tuning over the user experience
  • Customizable Interview Features, Answer Defaults and Document Format based on Contract Type (Template Bank), including special handling of Orders under Master Agreements
  • Configurable Folder Structures based on Contract Type (Container Bank)
  • A more modular contract content model for tailoring properties to contract type
  • Improvements to Exari’s powerful document generation engine, including the ability to embed PDFs within other documents, and enhanced processing of groups of documents

Exari’s platform-independent software can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and can be easily integrated with Salesforce.com, SharePoint and other CRM and content management systems. The new contract management features are immediately available to Exari Intelligent Contract Management Software Users, including Document Assembly (DA), Contract Management (CM) and Contract Analytics (CA).

This announcement comes on the heels of Exari’s inclusion in Forrester’s recent Market Overview on Contract Lifecycle Management, which recognized Exari as a competitive leader in the industry for its support of buy and sell-side contracts and strong vertical expertise.

For more information on how Exari Intelligent Contract Management software helps sales and legal professionals improve the contract management process, visit http://www.exari.com.

About Exari

Exari (http://www.exari.com) is a global leader in Intelligent Contract Management. The system – used worldwide by legal, sales, insurance, investment banking, and government professionals – improves visibility into contract data and reduces costs, cycle time and risk. Exari’s Document Assembly software empowers business users with self-service documents and automates document intensive processes while its template and forms management module enables creation, modification, storage and management in one flexible system. A major advantage of the Exari solution is the automatic capture of and easy access to critical data that can be used to generate reports and key insights.