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Exari Launches New Release of Intelligent Contract Management Software

Only Exari combines clause libraries, RoundTrip™ tool and granular visibility into contract data.

November 14, 2012

Boston, MA – November 14, 2012 – Today Exari released Version 6.1 of its contract automation software that accelerates sales cycles and streamlines complex contract processes. The release has more than 200 new features that enhance this flexible system’s capabilities from document creation through negotiation, storage and obligation management. This powerful combination of patented document assembly and contract management provides document compliance and data visibility for the legal department and sales/revenue acceleration for sales executives.

With this release, Exari continues to deliver on the mission of transforming the enterprise with “intelligent documents.”

  • Legal Departments have the ability to deliver self- service contracts to the business without added risk. Microsoft Word –only systems don’t provide necessary control for self-service or the power to support complex deals. Legal also benefits from automated approval workflows and collaboration tools. Exari offers the power needed to overcome any level of document complexity.
  • Sales Departments benefit from shorter contract turnaround times and the ability to close deals faster, CRM integration, and tailored output – PDF for contracts, PowerPoint for proposals and dynamically generated presentations, and Word for pitch books, letters, and customized documentation.
  • IT Departments appreciate the flexibility and ease of integration with other in-house systems. Vital contract data is accessible across the business and can feed off and into other systems.

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This flexible system can go live in weeks, not months as is the case with many contract management solutions. It can be deployed in the cloud or in house, when you need it integrated with other systems (BPM, ERP, CRM, etc.) or behind a firewall. Exari ships with out-of-the-box data models, taxonomies and templates to speed implementation as well as targeted search and reporting capabilities. Documents can be output in the latest Microsoft Office formats including PowerPoint PPTX, Word 2007 DOCX and Excel XLS, in addition to earlier Office formats and PDF, HTML, RTF, XML and PS.

Exari remains the only document assembly/contract management system that offers the RoundTrip™ negotiation and document comparison tool. The RoundTripping™ feature streamlines the approval of complex documents by making it easy to see all changes in a true “delta view.” In addition, the RoundTrip™ tool enables users to see all of the changes made during negotiations and supports re-use of negotiated clauses within the assembly interview. Users can compare different versions created during the negotiation and see how they may deviate from company standards – even if those changes aren’t visible via Word tracked changes.

Many of the new features in Version 6.1 are designed to improve workflow and contract management:

  • Serial and parallel approval workflows, which can be written directly into the approval workflow template rules engine causing the appropriate approvals to be triggered once the final version of the document is assembled.
  • Bulk import of legacy contracts into the repository.
  • Enhanced integration capabilities via JSON support for transmitting data between a server and the web application.
  • More contract authoring flexibility – the most powerful document assembly system on the market is now more agile and easier to use, with the ability to compare template versions, clone complex logic and a host of new author testing and Quality Assurance tools.

Register here to schedule a web-demo of Exari V 6.1

Exari is designed to automate documents across the entire document spectrum from simple documents such as customer communications and employment agreements, to semi-standard [interactive] documents such as sales contracts, to highly complex documents such as multi-lender, multi-borrower, and multi-currency financing agreements.

About Exari

Exari (www.exari.com) is a global leader in document and contract automation. The system — used worldwide by legal, sales, insurance, investment banking, and government professionals –reduces costs, cycle time and risk, and improves visibility into contract data. Exari Document Assembly empowers business people with self-service documents and automates document intensive processes. Exari Contract Management enables contract creation, negotiation, storage and management in one flexible system. A major advantage of the Exari solution is the automatic capture of and easy access to critical data. Clients are supported from Exari offices in Boston, London, Munich and Melbourne.