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Exari Provides a Safe Haven for Emptoris Customers

Deep Emptoris skills provide a smooth migration path to the world’s most complete contract lifecycle management platform

February 06, 2018

Boston, MA February 06, 2018 – Exari, the world’s leading enterprise contract management platform, today announced it is providing a smooth transition for Emptoris customers to the Exari Contracts™ platform. Emptoris customers worldwide have faced a difficult decision since IBM announced they would no longer support the Emptoris platform.* Exari has deep product, consulting, and implementation skills familiar with the Emptoris platform and is the only vendor with a methodology and technology proven to successfully convert Emptoris-stored contracts to a new platform. As a result, Exari delivers system migration faster and with less risk than any vendor on the market today.

“Our core team has over 100 combined years of Emptoris experience and have deployed some of the largest systems in the world,” said Scott Mars, General Manager, Americas at Exari. “With our deep knowledge and superior technology, we can migrate and deploy a new platform without the need for outside expertise or partnerships. With migrations already underway, we are seeing the power of the Exari Contracts platform. It not only has more functionality; our data extraction capabilities make migration smooth and easy. It’s a perfect solution for customers who find themselves with limited time and few options in the market.”

Unlike other contract lifecycle management vendors, only Exari offers a complete platform, including sophisticated data extraction capabilities to migrate documents and data. With the Exari Universal Contract Model™, only Exari can map and load existing data to a fully functional data and object model, enabling customers to quickly see their existing rights, risks and obligations in seconds.

One of the most affected markets is the Healthcare Payer market. For Payer companies, you can read the Exari eBook, "Contract Management for Healthcare Payers" here.

To learn more about how Exari can take the pain out of Emptoris migrations, read the data sheet here, or contact Exari through the contact us page on our website.

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Exari delivers the most complete Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management platform, used every day by market-leading companies to understand all aspects of their contract ecosystem worldwide. With Exari, customers can reduce contract risk and improve operating efficiency with 100% Contract Certainty™. www.exari.com.

*IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 916-158 August 9, 2016