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Standardize and Track All Energy Sourcing and Procurement

The challenges faced by energy companies are unique. The industry’s project-based nature requires an especially robust procurement solution, while strict governmental and business compliance standards require instant access to your contract data.

Exari’s deep experience implementing solutions for global energy companies has made us experts in solving these challenges, helping to increase productivity, drive process standardization, and significantly reduce risk.

​Procurement Perfected

When it comes to procurement, energy companies face complex compliance hurdles. Public procurement procedures and regulations often require companies to maintain all emails, notes and documents, proof that all approved vendors were invited to tender a bid, and lists of which companies did and did not bid.

Without a centralized system, maintaining these records is inefficient, at best. Our Sourcing Module allows companies to run the entire eRFx/Sourcing and Contract process, with supported version controls, in one seamless system, reducing risk and improving the tracking of all activities. What's more, this standardization ensures that all bidders are treated both fairly and equally. It's sourcing, made simple.

Consolidate Procurement Activities for Increased Efficiency

  • Conduct all external communications through web portal, which automatically archives these activities.
  • Standardized document templates reduce risk and increase productivity.
  • Powerful, instantly-produced reports allow quick and easy access to your contract data for both internal and external reporting purposes.
  • Keep track of all Amendments and Variation Orders, so you're not working with outdated information.
Exari helped dramatically increase an energy company’s productivity.

Contiki ECM is key for full control and efficient management of our sourcing process and our contracts.

Lars Ivar Ekerold, Chief Procurement Officer, DNO
  • Customer Statoil
  • Customer Statkraft
  • Customer Engie