Exari’s Coverholder Insurance Solution

A Major Lloyd’s Syndicate writes multiple lines of commercial business, a proportion of which are high volume lines delegated to and written by third party Agents (coverholders).


Each coverholder had their own methods of recording data and generating certificates, mid-term adjustments and monthly bordereau. To evidence control all certificates were referred to the syndicate for checking and authorization, prior to issuance by the coverholder. Bordereau were compiled using spreadsheets, with data copied manually from multiple sources.

The issuance of renewal offers was primarily a manual process, driven by the syndicates centralized administration team who produce the first draft, with underwriter review prior to issuance to the coverholder, then onward transmission to the customer.

From the sales development perspective, the coverholder model was a key enabler for growth offering rapid access to specialist markets, with expansion desired. It could not be regarded as successful unless it generated a “win win” scenario for the syndicate and coverholder, by reducing the effort required by both, whilst simultaneously improving compliance and reducing risk.

Since implementing Exari, the Lloyd’s Syndicate and its third party coverholders have decreased their risk and vastly improved their efficiency and procedures.

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The Exari Coverholder Solution gives you the confidence and ability to partner with coverholders who would not otherwise be able to demonstrate strong enough process control to meet current stringent due diligence requirements. The ease and efficiency of doing business makes the syndicate a favored partner.

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