Investment & Commercial Banks


Investment Banking

Improve your understanding of risk

Institutions trading in complex financial products struggle to manage the high risks inherent in the business. The best way to stay on top of risk is to understand it, and the best way to understand risk is to completely control your entire portfolio of documents, from ISDA Master Agreements to Trade Confirmations. Exari Contracts™ makes this possible. With Exari, complete control means improving the quality of financial documentation, facilitating onboarding, and using key contract data captured every step along the way to provide invaluable insight into your risk.

Compliance made easy through visibility into critical financial documentation

Banks need improved visibility into collateral and key contract terms in order to know where risks lives and to meet increasing demands of regulators. Companies who use Exari are confident that no matter how federal and industry regulations may evolve, the information regulators need remains at their fingertips in Exari’s Contract Hub™. Having your critical contract data at your fingertips means you can proactively demonstrate compliance with regulatory and client obligations.

Streamline the generation, negotiation, approval, management and visibility of critical financial documentation

Exari’s CLM solutions provide complete visibility into key terms within existing agreements and streamlines the generation and negotiation of high-quality, highly complex financial documentation for investment banks, whether those documents are produced by the front office, legal, or through batch and straight-through processing (STP).

Exari supports all critical financial documentation including:

  • ISDA Master Agreements & Credit Support Annexes (CSA)
  • Global Master Repurchase Agreements (GMRAs)
  • Global Master Securities Lending Agreements (GMSLAs)
  • International FX and Currency Option Master Agreements (IFXCOs)
  • Prospectuses, Term Sheets and Final Terms for Structured Products
  • Trade Confirmations

Commercial Banking

Businesses choose to work with banks that are easy to work with. Staying ahead of the increasing competition presented by broker channels means being able to stay on top of clients’ needs for prompt loan approval through streamlined onboarding and contracting processes. And so banks choose to work with Exari.

To protect margins and grow market share, lenders need to speed up the loan origination process from application through settlement

You need to make it easy for your sales team to capture and process deals quickly without the high costs and risks of repeated manual hand-offs and re-keying. And you need to reach out to brokers and other channels with systems that make it easy for them to direct business your way.

Faster deals, fatter margins

Exari Optimized the Derivatives Master Agreements Process for a Global Investment BankRead how in this Industry Brief
With Exari’s loan origination and financial documentation software, loans are generated and approved in a fraction of the time while ensuring consistent, accurate financial documentation. The end result is lower risk, lower costs, and most importantly, an efficient process that facilitates rapid and thorough onboarding, while attracting more business from third party channels.

Exari for Commercial Banks

Here’s how it works. Exari Contracts™ guides the originator (or, if desired, the end customer) through an interview relevant to the customer’s specific situation that ensures all the necessary is captured. To avoid bottlenecks, low-risk applications are handled automatically, while only more complex requests are flagged for review. Exari then generates all loan documentation relevant to the transaction. A preview of each document in the browser ensures errors are detected and corrected prior to output as Word or PDF files. Once the documents have been produced, Exari automatically notifies stakeholders. It’s as simple – and ingenious – as that.

Achieve 100% Contract Certainty™