Automate Derivatives and Master Agreements

Improved Management of Master Agreements Means Better Risk Management

Institutions that transact OTC Derivatives need new methods to manage complex master agreements and derivatives documentation. To meet the challenges of managing a large volume of agreements (each containing countless data points) you need to:

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  • Manage the production of draft agreements in a controlled and efficient way
  • Manage the exceptions and fallback positions in a controlled and auditable way
  • Track and monitor changes during negotiations
  • Access contract data quickly and consistently to better manage risk

Business Benefits of Exari Derivatives Software

Whether your challenge is with ISDA master agreements, CSAs, GMRAs, or GMSLAs, Exari will provide benefits across the institution:

  • Substantially lower operational, legal and documentation risks
  • Improve visibility into all risks, including counterparty risk
  • Faster on-boarding of clients
  • Reduce legal and operational costs
  • Enable compliance with regulatory demands for greater transparency
  • Improve insight into negotiations

Exari’s interview-driven approach allows you to create master agreements quickly and consistently, with built in fall-back options to streamline negotiations. Clause library capabilities and the ability to flag changes made during negotiations help to lower costs and accelerate client on-boarding.

Technical Benefits of Exari

With our foundation in XML and support for semantic tagging, Exari is uniquely placed to offer reporting and analytics capabilities that provide best-in-class risk visibility today, and continuous innovation in risk analytics going forward. With Exari, you can report on individual pieces of content at a granular level or on the document as a whole. Our architecture and open API allows technical teams to ensure maximum sharing of the data and provide easy integration with your upstream and downstream systems.

Click here to read how a Global Investment Bank uses Exari to reduce turnaround times – to develop first drafts of master agreements – from hours to minutes.

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