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Need to find an important agreement, or an important term inside an agreement? Are deals piling up and causing bottlenecks in the legal department? Exari is ideally suited for larger law firms, with the tools to create smart templates, clause libraries, and packages of documents, so the information can be easily shared, reused, and recycled. Additionally, the ability to instantly compare several documents, makes catching risky wording a breeze.

With Exari, all your documents are stored in a fully centralized, searchable, web-based repository so your contract data is always at your fingertips. Exari automates contract drafting using an intelligent interview process to ensure a fast, consistent outcome every time. Plus, we do all of this in a future-proof XML format, giving you the flexibility to produce perfectly styled documents in Word (DOCX), RFT or PDF, and the ideal platform for online innovation.

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The benefits of Exari will be immediate. Faster turnaround times, improved business focus, and consistent, error-free documents will help to strengthen your client relationships. Improved productivity will allow you to offer fixed-fee services with better margins. More effective knowledge sharing will prevent you from reinventing the wheel, saving time and cost on training and repetitive work. Exari has the only contract automation and contract generation engine able to handle even you most complex documents, with the power, flexibility, and control you need.

A global law firm is using Exari to strengthen their client relationships while reducing costs and managing risk.
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