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Contract Management Solutions for Healthcare Payers

Between market requirements, new regulations, and evolving reimbursement rates structures, the U.S. healthcare industry is faced with constant disruption. Payers need to be able to adapt and respond to these changes faster in order to thrive and remain competitive in this new age of digitization.

Manual processes don’t scale well, making increased business akin to “sand in the gears” instead of the revenue driver it should be. Outdated storage systems make high level insight and analysis impossible, increasing the likelihood of corporate risk and enterprise waste. Mass actions, including contract amendments, have to be done one-by-one. It’s agonizing.

What you need is a way to automate your vital business processes.

From drafting and operationalizing contracts to mass amendments and feeding downstream systems, Exari understands your needs and has payer experts ready to get you up-and-running.

Searching for an IBM Emptoris replacement? Exari's Emptoris experts have over 50 years of combined implementation experience.

Exari's Payer Solution

Exari's contract management platform addresses your most critical challenges. With Exari, you can amend vast groups of contracts with speed and accuracy; increase drafting efficiency and align contracts with physician groups and facilities; and seamlessly integrate your contract data with downstream claims or reimbursement systems.

Health leaders should prepare for a year characterized by continued policy changes and ongoing uncertainty. To succeed in such an environment, health organizations should develop agility, efficiency, and resilience while building a sophisticated understanding of how changes to federal and state health policy might affect them.

Top Health Industry Issues of 2018: A Year for Resilience Amid Uncertainty, PwC, 2017
  • Mass amend thousands of policies quickly. With Exari's Mass Action functionality, standard and ad hoc amendments can be created and applied to thousands of contracts at once, saving untold hours of manual work.
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into payer contracts. With Exari's Universal Contract Model™ (UCM), automatically map captured data to Exari's UCM for real-time insights into any changes that may affect the Master Agreement.
  • Apply automation with Exari DocGen™. With Exari's patented contract creation tool, easily generate contracts through a dynamic wizard-driven interview, paired with a library of your stored Smart Templates.
  • Manage regulatory compliance with workflows, approvals and alerts. Get ahead of regulatory changes that may affect agreements you already have in place with instant notifications. Trigger workflows to streamline the approval and signature process.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your enterprise systems. Exari's open API can integrate with your claims or reimbursement processing systems, or any other existing platform so you can eliminate re-keying information in multiple places.
Interested in the benefits of contract management but not sure where to start? Download our new eBook, "Think Forward: Contract Management for Healthcare Payers," to learn what Exari can do for you.

Exari's Emptoris Expertise

Our team of Emptoris subject matter experts have successfully planned and implemented over 30 migration projects. With Exari's UCM to properly model your data, you can rest easy knowing that all of your data will migrate seamlessly. Our team also has detailed knowledge of required integration points, correctly mapping from Emptoris to Exari, and has established the best practices necessary to get your up-and-running quickly.

  • Extract legacy contracts from Emptoris and the Exari services team will quickly perform data mapping for the Emptoris contract data into the corresponding Exari data model.
  • Exari's document generation capability can streamline your current Emptoris Contract Template approach and migrate your existing Clause Master and Contract Templates into the Exari Authored templates.
  • Provided mapping from Emptoris to Exari for functionality, contract process, and legacy contract upload.
  • Alignment between Exari's team of experts and your in-house team to meet both parties approaches and methodologies.
  • Variety of support and training plans to get your entire team up to speed.
Read our Emptoris-specific datasheet to learn how our experts make the transition to Exari seamless and efficient.