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Professional Services Document Generation

Time consuming paperwork

Between engagement letters, employment letters, and customer communications (CCM), professional services organizations are spending more and more time creating and managing documents. Not only do firms need to reduce the time and cost of creating these documents, they also need to better manage risks and guarantee compliance.

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Manual processes = error & risk

Too many things can go wrong when your documents are created and managed manually.

When document creation means cutting and pasting from existing documents, the risks from human oversight are endless. When you track conditional arrangements and legal terms and conditions by hand, you’re likely to miss something. When you manually organize and store documents, you won’t be able to efficiently, reliably get the information you need when you need it.

Let’s face it: manual contract and complex document creation is a thing of the past.


Exari automates document creation. What does this mean for your business?

It means you can generate countless standard customer communications or hire agreements as well as individual, customized engagement letters using batch processing. Preferred grammar and wordings are built directly into customizable templates to guarantee consistency and compliance. Exari also supports self-service contracting, so low-risk contracts can bypass legal completely, saving time and money.

With Exari DocGen™, you maintain governance and data integrity while slashing the time, cost and risk involved in document creation and management.

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