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No matter your business, you are governed by a web of government and industry regulations. The Exari platform provides the solutions you need to stay ahead of your regulators and out of breech.

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General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

To protect the privacy of European Union (EU) citizens, the EU Parliament passed the General Data Protection Regulation in 2016, completely overhauling the ways in which companies must handle personal data. Effective as of 25 May 2018, GDPR has had immediate effects on how EU citizen data is handled and has significant implications for future data protection around the globe.

Contract Management can get you GDPR compliant and help you stay that way.

Exari provides a three-step solution to get you GDPR compliant and keep you that way.

1. Understand the personal data you currently have.

2. Seamlessly re-paper your contracts to ensure GDPR compliance.

3. Manage your ongoing risk.

Watch our video to learn how!

Why Does the GDPR Exist?

The emergence of big data has allowed for groundbreaking innovation and remarkable efficiencies in our day-to-day lives. However, as the use of data grows, so do concerns over personal privacy, including the increasing threat of security breaches and an individual's “right to be forgotten.” Data theft can result in personal data being used for identity theft, illegal purchases, and more. The GDPR serves to protect EU citizen data and how it is used, through increased transparency, user control over data, and permission-based data usage.

Which Companies Need to Follow the GDPR?

Not only do businesses in EU member states need to follow GDPR compliance, but also any business that handles transactions for EU citizens. These include:

  • E-commerce businesses
  • Businesses that may serve EU citizens in-person
  • Businesses outside of the EU that have EU clients

What Happens If a Business Does Not Follow GDPR Compliance?

Companies must put in place new, compliant systems for managing personal data or face heavy penalties of up to 4 percent of annual turnover or €20 million, whichever is greater. Not following GDPR compliance may result in:

  • Significant fines that can hurt businesses immediately and long term
  • Decreased credibility and trust from customers, in the EU and beyond
  • Higher risk of data breaches and theft

Unless a business is willing or able to completely ban EU citizens from being customers, GDPR must be followed.

What Requirements Must Companies Meet for GDPR Compliance?

Data transparency is the foundation of the GDPR. Some mandates for updating systems and processes involving data for GDPR compliance include:

  • Requiring explicit consent for user data processing
  • Giving users easy and simple consent withdrawal power
  • Notifying customers and controllers about a data breach within 72 hours of the breach
  • Offering customers a right to access data and/or confirm its usage

Other than data collection to execute a sale, data must not be stored or used without clear consent from the customer.

How Else Must Companies Prepare for GDPR?

Additional key features of GDPR compliance include:

  • Right to Be Forgotten: Data subjects have the right to have data controllers erase personal data or stop disseminating or processing it
  • Data Portability: Data subjects may get access to data and transmit that data to another entity
  • Privacy by Design: The designing of systems that control data should meet GDPR requirements from the onset
  • Data Protection Offer (DPO): Companies that deal with significant amounts of EU citizen data must appoint a DPO to manage data processing

How Can My Business Meet GDPR Compliance for Contracts?

To meet GDPR compliance for contracts, businesses must:

  • Identify which existing contracts are affected
  • Establish a process to ensure each newly generated contract meets GDRP compliance
  • Store each contract in a single secure, searchable repository
  • Track GDPR obligations through a contract's termination and beyond
  • Analyze and manage the risk of each contract
  • Maintain a full audit trail throughout the contract's entire lifecycle
  • Set secure administrative controls

Not doing so by 25 May 2018 means your business can face fines.

What Tools Are Available for GDPR Compliance for Contracts?

Contract data may be a source of barriers for GDPR compliance. Fortunately, Exari's contract management platform enables affected firms to assess and address their most pressing contractual issues that may affect GDPR compliance. Features include:

  • Exari Vision quickly executes data extraction, so you can understand data and strategize how to handle it.
  • Exari DocGen streamlines the contract re-papering process.
  • Exari Contracts provides a secure central repository for GDPR-compliant data storage.
Check out our GDPR infographic to see how Exari enables you to assess and address your compliance issues.

How Does Exari Vision Help With GDPR Compliance?

You have a lot of contracts flowing around your organization. If those contracts live on various desktops or shared drives, you may be in GDPR breach without even knowing it. The first step toward GDPR compliance is identifying your data. Exari Vision, the artificial intelligence-powered data capture engine, can quickly and comprehensively extract the data from every one of your existing contracts, allowing you to understand what personal information you have in your possession and how it needs to be handled.

How Does Exari DocGen Enable GDPR Compliance?

Once you know what types of personal information is stored in your contracts, you can begin the process of re-papering those agreements, where necessary, to ensure they meet GDPR compliance. Exari's patented document automation tool, DocGen, streamlines the process of re-papering contracts with intuitive, browser-based interviews, efficient workflows, and eSignature integration.

How Does Exari Contracts Help Manage Ongoing GDPR Risk?

After all your contracts are revised and fully compliant, you need a way to securely store them and maintain constant insight into your contractual risk. With Exari, every contract is housed in a central repository, accessible only to authorized users and protected by Exari's robust security protocols. With all contract data centralized, you can run comprehensive reports to monitor the risks and trends across your entire portfolio and act quickly to mitigate any issues.

How Can I Get Contract GDPR Protection for My Business?

The goal of Exari is to help all businesses optimize contract management. That includes following all regulations and keeping business and customer data safe. If you need GDPR compliance assistance for your business, contact Exari for a free customized demonstration on how services like Exari Vision, Exari DocGen, and Exari Contracts can help you meet GDPR compliance standards.

Initial Margin Compliance

In 2019 and 2020, many legal entities will be impacted by Initial Margin rules. If you're an institution that manages hundreds legal entities, you have thousands of collateral agreements per firm and the potential for thousands of Initial Margin calls, collateral moves into segregated accounts, and other follow-on processing steps per day. Are you ready to tackle your compliance?

The Exari platform allows you to:

  • Generate documents in a fraction of the time.
  • Negotiate with counterparties within a single platform.
  • Track all communications via a robust audit trail.
  • Compare discrepancies between documents in seconds.
  • Analyze all your documents with comprehensive, data-driven reports.
  • Use your contract data to populate downstream systems and Custodian platforms.
Download our Initial Margin data sheet to learn more about streamlining your compliance.