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Regulatory Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

The emergence of “big data” has allowed for groundbreaking innovation and remarkable efficiencies in our day-to-day lives. However, as the use of data grows, so do concerns over personal privacy, including the increasing threat of security breaches and an individual's "right to be forgotten."

In an effort to protect the privacy of EU citizens, the EU Parliament passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), completely overhauling the ways in which companies must handle personal data. The deadline for compliance is 25 May 2018. 

This means companies only have a few months left to put in place new, compliant systems for managing personal data or face heavy penalties of up to 4% of annual turnover.

Fortunately, Exari's contract management platform enables affected firms to assess and address their most pressing contractual issues.

Explore our three step process for preparing your organization for GDPR.

Exari enables you to assess and address your compliance issues. Check out our GDPR datasheet.
​Step 1: Defuse the ticking time bomb.

You have a lot of contracts flowing around your organization, and if those contracts live on various desktops or shared drives, you may be in breach without even knowing it.

Exari Vision, our AI-powered data capture engine, can quickly and comprehensively extract the data from every one of your existing contracts, allowing you to understand what personal information you have in your possession and how it needs to be handled.

Step 2: Identify and amend non-compliant contracts.

Once you know what types of personal information is stored in your contracts, you can begin the process of re-papering those agreements, where necessary, to ensure they are GDPR compliant.

Exari’s patented document automation tool, DocGen, streamlines the process of re-papering contracts with intuitive, browser-based interviews, efficient workflows, and eSignature integration.

Step 3: Manage ongoing risk.

Now that all your contracts are revised and fully compliant, you need a way to securely store them and maintain constant insight into your contractual risk.

With Exari, every contract is housed in a central repository, accessible only to authorized users and protected by Exari's robust security protocols. With all contract data centralized, you can run comprehensive reports to monitor the risks and trends across your entire portfolio and act quickly to mitigate any issues.

Interested to see how you can tackle your GDPR compliance? Request a demo.