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Unsure of where your contracts are and what they say? Does your sales cycle bottleneck in the legal department? Do your sales reps have a hard time keeping up with the complexity and volume of the paperwork?

We can help.

Sales Contract Management Software and Document Automation for High Tech

By streamlining the entire sales cycle, Exari ensures compliant, high-quality sales contracts in a fraction of the time. Companies specializing in B-to-B software, original equipment manufacturing (OEM), semi-conductor and networking use Exari’s sales contract management software to automate contract creation, streamline workflow, enhance negotiation and allow for contract data to be stored, searchable and exported into actionable reports.

Exari provides:

  • Sales with the speed to close deals
  • Legal the control and visibility to manage risk
  • Executives the insight to gain invaluable business knowledge

Exari enables sales representatives or legal professionals to draft compliant contracts using legally-approved clauses and language. Users fill in an online interview using templates designed and approved by the legal department. The interview captures important information and produces documents of the highest quality. The data is saved and can be reused across all related documents and is available to CRM and ERP systems. The result? Your contracts are created with unmatched accuracy times faster.

But ensuring speed and precision is just the beginning of what Exari can do. Exari’s world class Contract Management Software automates the entire lifecycle of the contract, from assembly through negotiation, reporting and business analysis.

Features include:

  • User dashboards
  • Approval workflows
  • A document management system (DMS)
  • Streamlined, documented negotiations within MS Word
  • Contract management
  • Advanced reporting & analysis

With Exari, you can create compliant contracts faster and get immediate visibility into contract data in order to:

  • Ensure business and regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate exposure to unknown and known risk
  • Maximize visibility into contract data
  • Control and monitor negotiations
  • Guarantee accuracy of complex documents
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Manage business and regulatory compliance
  • Act on revenue opportunities
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