Taking Some Time Out to Help Others

Exari-Foodbank-2Usually we use this blog to bring you the latest information about document assembly and contract management. But today we would like to share with you a recent experience shared by our team. We feel that it’s important for us as a company to build a corporate culture of innovation and to give back to our community.

As Exari continues to grow and add customers and employees around the world, we make a point of bringing members of our team to the Boston Headquarters at least once a year. Last week we held our Annual Sales Kickoff 2012. The entire sales team from offices in Europe, Australia and the US gathered in Boston.

In addition to all of the corporate events and innovation sessions – aimed at further enhancing Exari’s industry leading document and contract automation solutions – the entire team spent a half – day volunteering at the Boston food pantry. Run by the Red Cross, the pantry provides a 3-day emergency supply of food to approximately 4,500 low-income families every month, making it the largest emergency food pantry in the city of Boston.

Everyone, including the president, management team and members of the sales and delivery organizations participated in this event together. Some formed an assembly line bagging fruit, milk, vegetables and chicken, while others assisted families in packing these bagged supplies into their vehicles. By the end of the day, working together, the team had packed and distributed more than 600 bags of supplies!

The event was meaningful to all of us and helped foster an employee community and culture reflective of our core ideals.

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