Technical Briefing: Exari Architecture Explained

In this video, Justin Lipton, Exari Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), explains the power of Exari’s architecture:

With Exari’s Document Assembly Solution, users create documents using an intuitive interface and a standard web browser, without the hassle of downloading software, add-ons or plug-ins.

Built on Java and XML, Exari’s patented technology allows authors to create documents as native XML without any knowledge of XML or programming. In addition to the documents, the rules and styles also exist in XML. This architecture allows authors the ability to create templates containing highly complex logic using easy to use interfaces and tools. So, business analysts, lawyers, and other non-technical staff can create and maintain automated documents in Exari, without depending on IT.

Unlike most Word-based document assembly solutions, Exari does not rely on any proprietary document format. By design, Exari’s architecture is ‘Word-compatible’ but not ‘Word-dependent’. Exari delivers documents and contracts in your choice of Word, PDF, HTML or XML formats. To see for yourself, request a demo of Exari today.

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