Wanted: Guest Authors on Document Assembly and more

In the coming months, you’re going to see posts on this blog from some “new” authors and hopefully, welcome back some old ones. We took a look around the company and realized that we have a lot of experts with varied areas of specialty within Exari.

The blog will continue to focus on document assembly, contract issues and various types of document automation, and will include more industry-specific posts. For example, just within Exari we have experts on banking, insurance, sales, legal, financial services, professional services, IT and communications, to name some.

In an effort to be as robust and useful a source as possible on these topics, we invite you to propose articles you would like to see here or those which you would like to submit for publication. We look forward to hearing from you either in the comments below or by email.

To get an idea of the type of content we are looking for, check out these posts:

Time for Banks to Innovate? and What you don’t know can hurt you.

And, if you want to see which industries are most relevant, visit our Solutions Section.

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